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Soil Bio Technology

Founded in 2004, Vision Earthcare is committed to work towards a green tomorrow by providing the most effective eco-friendly solutions to water treatment across all scales. Soil biotechnology used is no more complicated than the one used in your lawn, however the results are no lesser than the best you can expect. We call it Soil Bio Technology® (SBT ®): an evergreen everlasting biological purification engine.

The technology has been developed and patented by the research group at Indian Institute Of Technology Bombay (Powai).  It is covered by two US patents (patent no 6890438 B2 dated 5 May 2005 and 7604742 B2 dated 20 October 2009) and 2 Indian patents (patent no - 203744 and 203425) all assigned to IIT Bombay. Soil Bio Technology ® and it advanced variant CAMUS®-SBT® (Continuous Advanced Multistage System using Soil Bio Technology ® ) are registered trademarks of Vision Earthcare which has been instrumental in promoting and commercializing the technology across India. Vision Earthcare provides clients with validated design, process garantees, specialty cultures and catalyst and commissioning support. Post commissioning VEC also provides a reliable after sales services to all its client to ensure high uptime for all its installations. 

Vision Earthcare was initially incubated at SINE, Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, hosted by Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. SINE has been extended the role of IIT Bombay by facilitating the conversion of homegrown research into entrepreneurial ventures.

In 2004 Vision Earthcare started off with 2 employees with an incubation office at SINE IIT Bombay

In 2010 Vision Earthcare started its first office with 10 employees in #1 Neel Empire Building Plot 3A/4 Sector 25, Nerul (E) 400706

In 2018 Vision Earthcare started its corporate office in 401 Jaswanti Landmark LBS Rd Vikhroli (W) Mumbai 400079 and has representatives in Delhi, Gandhinagar, Nagpur, Bangalore and Chennai