About Us

Vision Earthcare(VEC) is a green technology firm with the mandate to create sustainable alternatives by understanding the genius encoded within the earth's ecosystems especially in Soil. VEC's soil biotechnology marketed under the brand CAMuS-SBT (Continuous Aerobic Multistage System using Soil Bio Technology) has proven track record to treat sewage (domestic wastewater) and other industrial waste water effectively and economically.

CAMuS-SBT consumes less energy i.e. almost 1/3 of the conventional STPs. This technology was developed by Prof H.S Shankar's group at I.I.T Bombay and in over 30 years of sustained work multiple PhD, Masters, Bachelor students and Research scholars have developed methods to harness the power of soil. Technologies developed under this aegis have been patented in India and US. 

VEC has demonstrated these technologies in its service to various industries, institutions and communities across India and the World. More than 100 SBT plants have been successfully running across India with an installed capacity of 45 MLD (~Water generated by 4.5 Lac people equivalents) .
 Our vision is to provide smart sanitation and wastewater treatment solutions to create a sustainable world. We are proud to share that our technology contributes directly to the Goal 6: Sustainable Water Management and Sanitation of the Sustainable Development Goals-2030.

Few features of the technology
  •  CAMUS-SBT is a green technology. It is purely based on the bio-mimicry and a circular technology
  • CAMUS-SBT can handle the fluctuating loads up to 150% smoothly without any operational problems
  • CAMUS-SBT is the energy efficient and consumes almost 1/3 less energy compared to the conventional technologies.

Some of the national & international credentials of SBT are as:

  •  The Ministry of External Affairs, GoI, has recognized SBT as best innovations.
  •   Siemens (International) have acknowledged and awarded SBT as best innovation
  •   Ministry of Defence , Airport Authority of India has listed SBT for water recycling
  •   Acknowledged by NABARD for Rural Sanitation
  •   Working with Uttarakhand PeyJal Nigam, Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran etc.
  •   SBT is already in the domain of Municipal Corporation such as Bombay Municipal Corporation, Brihat Bangalore Municipal Corporation, etc.
  •    Listed as green buildings service provider on IGBC.
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