Water is the source of life and plays a vital role in the economic growth of a nation. As a green technology firm we serve our clients and communities by providing following services:

Sewage treatment plants  ( Domestic/ Residential Waste Water Treatment Plants)

Approximately 80% of the un-treated wastewater is flowing in India. The existing sewage treatment plants are running at a low capacity and are not working efficiently. Furthermore, they consume lot of energy which increases the operational costs and the designed or minimum loading is essential to run these plants. As one of the fast growing economies in the world, India is moving ahead and aspiring to develop smarter and greener cities for it’s citizens. Our green technology consumes less energy and is designed to take care of fluctuating loads.

Effluent treatment plants (Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant)

Industrial wastewater contains various types of ingredients such as organic and in-organic elements such as heavy metals and other chemicals based on the type of industry. CAMUS-SBT is proven technology and various industries in India have started adopting this technology. The results are fabulous. Pollution control boards are recommending this technology to treat various types of industrial wastes. 

Detailed project projects for the STP

Our engineering is well experienced to prepare high quality details project reports. Most of our reports were helped the governments and corporate companies to execute the projects.

CSR Projects

As per the companies act 2013, the companies having net profit of more than 5 crores over the three years need to spend 2% of their net profit on CSR activities. Various companies are working on various sustainability related projects. It is found that approximately 20,000 Crores of CSR fund is available every year. CSR funds could be employed to improve the rural sanitation by constructing the decentralized wastewater treatment systems.

We have already worked on such a project a Jambudiyapura village, Gujarat where CAMUS-SBT based wastewater treatment plant was constructed and is working well.