3MLD SBT plant at Bombay Municipal Corporation

"The SBT plant is producing recycled water of very good quality suitable for various non-potable applications" - V.R.Vani, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

Video on SBT Technology

25 KLD SBT plant at Godrej Industries Limited, Pondicherry

By 2010, the STP based on SBT technology is installed in our Coil 9 unit by VEC. Till now its performance is found satisfactory in terms discharge water quality and also meeting the parameter specs mentioned by SPCB. The operating expenses are very nominal and its maintenance cost is affordable one. We are reusing the treated water for our process also. The system looks like a garden. The waste water disposal through Municipal agency is completely stopped and the entire domestic waste water is recycled using this plant. The SBT system as a whole is effective and serving its intended purpose.