CAMUS: Continuous Advanced Mite Utilizing System

CAMUS: Continuous Advanced Mite Utilizing System

CAMUS® is a low space low energy, high quality Nature Based Waste Water Rejuvenation technology that has been developed in collaboration with Vision Earthcare SINE IIT Bombay. CAMUS technology is patented by Prof HS Shankar (B.Tech Chemical Engineering IIT Kanpur, PhD Monash University Australia and Dr S. Chandrashekar B.Tech Chemical Engineering IIT Bombay, PhD University of Michigan Ann Arbor USA. CAMUS is covered by Indian patent (patent no 414339). CAMUS® (Continuous Advanced Mite Utilizing System®) are registered trademarks of Vision Earthcare Pvt Ltd which has been instrumental in promoting and commercializing the technology across India with over 400 MLD of cummulative Capacity installed so far.  

Vision Earthcare provides clients with validated design, process garantees, specialty cultures and catalyst and commissioning support. Post commissioning VEC also provides a reliable after sales services to all its client to ensure high uptime for all its installations. 

Vision Earthcare was initially incubated at SINE, Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, hosted by Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. SINE has been extended the role of IIT Bombay by facilitating the conversion of homegrown research into entrepreneurial ventures.


Kindly get in touch with the VEC team for quotations for CAMUS type waste water recycling plant (WWTP), sewage treatment plants (STP) and Effluent treatment plants (ETP).

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